Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is good, but Warzone is even better

Growing up, there’s a few games that dominated after school sessions, sleepover’s and late night gaming. From FIFA, 2K and Tony Hawk (Can’t wait for the remastered versions), the one I spent most of my teenage years playing the Call ff Duty series. You could understand my excitement when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released last September. I could barely contain myself when I heard that the game will also have a battle royale mode (Warzone), trying to rival fellow games such as Apex: Legends and Fortnite.

I took just over a week of short bursts to finish the campaign mode. The cinematography and style of the campaign is true to COD’s of old. Explosions, cliff hangers and last minute, world saving missions are all part of a days work in the world of Call of Duty campaigns.

As good as the campaign was, however, its the Warzone, battle royale gameplay that made this one of the most unforgettable COD’s yet. Just like previous games are remembered by the zombies gameplay, the first ever Call of Duty battle royale mode is a whole load of fun!

Where the game mode is a great spectacle, it doesn’t come without some glitches. The Activision servers are constantly criticized by players for being too weak to handle such a game, especially during popular gaming hours. The connection does tend to be a bit ‘laggy’ at times. I can’t imagine how powerful a server has to be to control thousands of games at the same time, with such a HUGE map, and a 150 players all trying to maintain a strong connection.

Call of Duty added One fun addition to the battle royale game mode called the gulag. The gulag is a second chance, ‘prison showers’ type 1v1 battle, where one player will be able to respawn for free, if they win. No matter how you die, you have to put your frustrations behind you quickly and try and get back into battle to help your teammates.

If you haven’t tried Warzone already, the game mode is free to purchase on any gaming device. Purchasing the full game will be beneficial, however for Warzone as you unlock better guns and attachments faster. Warzone is great experience to play using the new Turtle Beach Recon 70, available for just $40.